Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The polar opposite to quickies. "Wham! Bam! Thank you officer!" That's what you're getting today, seeing as I've left it late.

In the more traditional sense I'd usually not even bother because I believe some things are worth doing properly or not at all. Luckily this is a blog. A mere fleeting representation of my mind's perennial meandering and is brought to you by a fascinating, yet equally fleeting series of zeros and ones. Much like the "sex scene" in Demolition Man. Eugh. So none of this matters. (I'll make it up tomorrow I promise. In the meantime are you absolutely one hundred percent positive you're completely up to date with all 305 of my other posts? Huh?)

So as we trudge on through the mire that is this week, let us lift our heads, push our shoulders back, take a deep breath and say "Ag... fuck it."

Which is probably how most quickies start...

NGDG: "One's hair is fairer in infancy. It darkens with time. Like the heart."

Spread The Love. Quickly.

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