Thursday, July 5, 2012


Merc: "Mercenary" OR "Mercedes"...

It's the second one! INTERNATIONAL SEND YOUR BUDDY SOME TITTIES DAY, that is. I have no idea how legitimate or valid the date is, but I was sent this today by my friend who likes to wear black dresses, Nyte Roks. What is it with local alternatives and their preference to the word Nyte?

Anyway, it is a delight indeed - a veritably feast for the senses. I would have written eyes, but much like Cleavage Day, we all know it involves a slightly more complex stimulus package. I suppose you're interested to find out exactly what I'm talking about. Here then, without further ado, is today's Gallery o' Mammary. NSFW. Enjoy.

TDB says he knows half of them...

Anyway, today I feel much better than I did yesterday. Yesterday I was a little hoarse, not to mention hung over. Not that Tarty Farty Tequila Party was much help, taunting me for being a light weight and a general p*ssy. But the reason for feeling infinitely better today, other than a lack of Black Label Draft in my diet, is the fact that I've been a-retail-therapyin'. Yup, finally after all these years, I purchased a lovely little audiovisual device which I have had my eye on for ever. Halleloojahs! Not telling what it is though, since I intend surprising one or 2 of you, my gentle readership. Thanks mainly to Commander Conker for facilitating said purchase.

Anyway, today also marks the 3 year anniversary of me officially giving up smoking... and not a moment too soon! What with the government not having anything better to do than come up with exceptionally restrictive tobacco laws and padding their own personal retirement funds, I could have been one of the unlucky ones that is now treated like (more of) a criminal for being within 10m of a restaurant door as they enjoy their post-meal-puff. I can certainly understand that some of the more sensitive (p*ssy) non smokers out there can genuinely be affected if someone in the direct vicinity is "polluting their air" but by and large I think the laws are far too prohibitive, completely over the top, and downright bad for business. Smokers will continue smoking. And in so doing, continue to contribute in a very fiscally tangible way to the swelling of state coffers. The very coffers the incumbents so readily plunder (seems the ONLY thing they apply themselves to with any sort of vigour...)

It's called cutting your nose to spite your own face and is silly.

Once again, why can't humanity just apply some common sense and common courtesy? Why do we only do things that are forced upon us (and only when there is a clear and present threat of not getting away with not doing it)? A little consideration would go a long way.

From both sides.

Now I'm off to consider both sides. If I am to maintain my title as undisputed boob expert (haha! I said "pert". But then I said "ex" as well...) then I have to make sure I regularly brush up on the subject, left AND right. I'm off to see if this Gallery o' Mammary is everything it's expected to be. That sentence sounded like I was channelling a lesbian Barbara Streisand...

And as with any good turn, you, my wonderful online adorers, deserve something nice today. Anyone heard of Metal4Africa? Or the wonderful work they do in the metal community in South Africa (and beyond)? Not least of which is a massive bi-annual festival featuring the best of local talent. The next one is coming up at the end of the month and promises to tear you a new one, were you that way inclined. Winterfest '12 is gonna be magical. And mad. And magnificent! But wait! There's more. You can now download a free sampler featuring all the bands on the bill - how brilliant is that!?!?! If necessity be the mother of invention, then is innovation the sister of a happy pants party?

Oh, and before I forget, Happy happy birthday to our favourite BARRULUS! Have a good one mate!

NGDG: "Baby, turn the lights down low and lay your ass down. I'm trying to watch TV."

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