Friday, July 27, 2012


See? ANYONE can look good in PVC...

Please note the tag on the photo, if you like go and check out more of this artist/photographer/model.

Whoohoo! It's Friday. No one is getting me down. No one is irritating me. Not even Standard Wank, who spent all the time I was on the phone with then, racking up Somalia's national debt, in sending my One Time Password to the wrong pc in the office. Several times.

I have almost forgotten what it's like getting out of the office. I've become so deskbound since I gave up smoking - and since I discovered this addictive thing called the intrawebs - that I am in serious danger of becoming one with my over-sized office chair. Some days I don't even get up for long enough for the maid to clean my desk...

Anyway, today I went into town (like in the old days when people would get dressed up to buy jam and rusks and nails) and had a good ol' mooch around, looking around at all the ugly buildings and breathing deep the exhilarating carbon monoxide missions. Glorious! But I got to stretch my legs and for once I wasn't glued to a screen. I think that I am certainly going to make a point of doing that more regularly. I might even go and sit at the beach when the weather is more conducive.

So it's Friday. Hallelujah! Tomorrow I once again grace (or DISgrace) a stage near you! Got my toight pants last night, thanks to Wolf Clothing. Actually I had to opt for the size larger than the one I had on last time, and not because I was that excited about new pants, if you know what I mean... So if you want to get a leery eyeball-full of my pvc-clad butt, get on over to the Klein Libertas venue tomorrow and fight your way through the ordeal that is cheap beer, great company and awesome entertainment. Or as I know it, Metal4Africa's Winterfest.

I'll be there. In fact most of the characters from this here piece of literary fiction will be in attendance. It's gonna be like visiting Disneyland. I could even arrange a large snaggle-toothed individual to stalk you and jump up making heavy breathing noises at you if you insist. We're getting there on the Party Bus. A wonderful institution that allows drinking in transit. Considering I'll be smack bang in the middle of DrHellCuz, his mystery guest, TDB, The Sing-Gah, SmartyPants, The Dean Of Univer City, Slappy, Tina's Ex With The 2year Guarantee, the Hot Girlfriend of course, and a host of others, this could be fun.

In fact the entire day promises to be something that will go down in the annals of history. (I had to go back and double check THAT spelling...) Don't worry, if you miss it I'm sure you'll probably off yourself after reading the avalanche of reports next week.

Beer and biltong await me at home, so without too much further ado, cheers you lot. Hope to see many of you at the show tomorrow. Remember: fornication at rock concerts is allowed. Nay, encouraged...

NGDG: Not one person succeeded in annoying me today. Not one. World, I wish to shake your hand. I know you have a hand. White-gloved. At the end of your skinny arm. Like that of a giant M&M.

Spread The Love. It's Aural Sex Weekend.

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