Friday, July 6, 2012


Raising the bar on blogging.

Firstly, I would like to address this sudden - and entirely inexplicable - misuse of the term Supergroup. If the current overuse of the word is to be used as the benchmark by which we determine the validity of the term and how it defines the band it refers to, then every single band that exists is a fucking Supergroup. With the exception of those that formed in a garage with no experience between them.

Now please don't get me wrong. I know some of the people in the bands to which I refer. One or two of them might even call me a friend if threatened to do so at gunpoint. My point however, is this: you cannot simply bandy about the term Supergroup because some okes that have all been in other bands before got together to make music. In metal we call that "pooling resources to stay relevant or active". And on the face of it, if the only criteria for being labelled a Supergroup means that everyone in the band has been active previously in a different band, then hell, I've been in a number of Supergroups! In fact, come to think of it one of my bands was labelled a Supergroup even though the bassist was a nobody. I disagreed at the time and I disagree now.

Velvet Revolver - now that's a fucking Supergroup!

Enough from me though. If the transient nature of the music industry demands a reshuffling and repackaging every now and then to keep the punters interested, then so be it...

And in other news, I was watching morning TV (surprisingly, this morning) and they had a feature on drug mules. There are 600 South African citizens behind bars around the world because they were stupid/desperate enough to attempt to cross borders with drugs in their possession/dreadlocks. One was recently executed. Now, crime is always tempting in a "risk vs reward" kind of way, but if I ran a real risk of being killed for my trouble, I'd probably shy the fuck away from the entire ugly business.

Which brings me to the essential problem I have with the whole trade. If you choose to do illegal drugs, I feel that is entirely your prerogative and none of my business. In fact, I have become rather more tolerant of the whole thing, as long as I'm not required to get involved. So the premise is there is a massive demand for drugs the world over, particularly those that are synthesized in laboratory conditions.
Here's the question. If the demand is there, why is the supply not fulfilled inside your own country instead of the hazardous and arduous gefuffle of importing it? The labs required to make anything these days are rudimentary at best and quality control is not exactly high on the agenda when you're cutting it for maximum street value anyway. The technology is as simple as a basic chemistry set and humidity control. I would imagine that it is as risky to operate something like this within your own borders as it is to have someone bring it in at vastly inflated prices. Simple business principles should be applied. Yes, I know someone else is taking the risk on an individual basis when they sidle up to a Customs Officer drenched in sweat with a few condoms worth of coke in their butts, but they're getting paid middle man fees. Anyway, I'm just curious as to why there is such a booming international trade in something that was synthesized using Jik, Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner and Handy Andy in the Cape Flats. Not exactly the headquarters of MENSA either, you'll have to admit.

Anyway, hope you all have a phantazmagorical weekend. I know I am certainly planning to. Tomorrow is a party at that place known as the Tequila Haus And Small Person Emporium. Prepare for some more awkward and embarrassing photographs...

NGDG: "When a beautiful woman runs her hand through your hair, the mature response is not to pull away instinctively. At least I didn't say 'dontouchme'. Maybe she thought I was merely adding good posture to great hair."

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