Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yes folks! You guessed it! Or more likely, you didn't guess anything. You're just here because you have absolutely no idea what the heading means and your curiosity has got the better of you.
Well, except for PIE GUY, OTHER PIE GUY and PIE GIRL. And Barrulus. And quite a few others...

This is my 314th post. Yes, somehow the Universe has contrived, for better or for worse, to keep up my readership to a point where I feel obliged to share my bilge, drivel, smut, filth, opinions, observations and overwhelming appreciation of boobs with you out there in interwebsland. How you manage to keep reading through the nausea is beyond me. Thank you one and all for confirming that I am indeed a minor celebrity in my own mind!

On to the business of the day then. You will have noticed that you were robbed of a post yesterday. For this horrific oversight, you have my deepest apologies. I will attempt to make amends like a 12 step alcoholic today by double fisting posting so that you may feel satisfied.

Yesterday was a busy, wonderful, momentous day! At work. Shannon Hope, she of the incandescent, incomparable, glorious, grandiose, serene and celestial voice... she of the mind-twisting, face-melting musical virtuosity, she of the quirky quip and the stellar song writing... is finally a family member here at Peermusic. I'm so excite I could make like bubbles!

Also, yesterday evening marked the first band rehearsal with a full time bassist for our little Doem Merrill outfit, joining LordDoom on his second appearance as full time vocalist. You know, there's a reason why some people are regarded higher than others in the music industry, and last night I am happy to report, our belief in certain people showed every reason to be justified. I am as smug as a bug! Welcome, Biggie. Not only has the proficiency quotient been sufficiently raised, but the laughter content is reaching dangerously critical levels for such an outfit as ours...

In other news, Jackie Selebi is out on medical parole. He must have taken my advice on how to become a free man. That, and he obviously has shady connections. For those of you who don't believe in afterlife retribution, wouldn't it be nice for some of these bastards...

Oh, and I have the most amazing girlfriend in the whole world.

NGDG: I should be a bit more specific next time I wish on the Lottery. R10.50 isn't quite going to pimp my life.

Spread The Love. 314.

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  1. Happy Pi Day! Er wait, that was March 14th...