Friday, July 20, 2012


So. Here we are. It's Friday. Thank all that is holy I can bugger off from the office and get home. What a day, though.

It's days like today that make my job worthwhile - this is the kind of thing I live for. It's also cut drastically into my blogging time, but in this instance I'm super duper happy about it.

You, unfortunately, are going to have to make do with a really short, half-hearted attempt. I promise that's the last time I try and use that as a pick up line... Which brings us neatly to what you can expect to hear about on Monday, if I survive:

Tonight I attempt to build a kennel for Commander Conker's dogs, while he stands there and hands me tools, listens to my vast curse-word vocabulary and makes jokes about screwdrivers. Rose Thorn will be in the kitchen cooking and getting sloshed, a condition I plan to catch up on the minute we abandon a half built kennel.
Then tomorrow morning it's bright and early to Paul Bothner for some supplies and all sorts of wonderful little adventures.
Than band practice in anticipation for next weekend's Winterfest, brought to you by Metal4Africa.
Then, it's off to go and watch Manchester United for the first time in my life - the excitement is really starting to build now...
Then I have to subject myself to some form of dress up as the birthday party to which I am going requires something from Lovecraft's fiction.

Wish me luck! And - whilst enjoying your weekends responsibly - don't do anything I wouldn't!


You could go and see what all the hype is about and catch Shannon Hope at TEDxCapeTown tomorrow night...

NGDG: What's that I hear? The bitter-patois of little private-school educated minds.

Spread The Love. It's A Stranger.

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