Thursday, July 26, 2012


Like "scrobbled", which, by all accounts is when you play a song on Or upload it or do something to it. Whatever it is, it's better than over-autotuning it.
The reason this word stuck out, is because I am very upset about "swoggle", a word I was very much under the impression I had come up with. Apparently not. I've been using it willy-nilly for quite some time, usually in conjunction with something very rude in order to describe less savoury or incredibly stupid individuals. Imagine my surprise, when asked to come up with a new, rude word by a friend of mine - and thinking I had one ready made - I had to find out that it already had a recognised status. A definition and everything!

So I was forced to come up with something else altogether, although it's even ruder and I still haven't found the sensitive enough description for public viewing. I think it was Asumo-Wrap...

And then there was the very pleasant discovery I made the other day on TFLN. I will now try and use the word "whorenado" as much as humanly possible, even if it is merely a combination of words.

Anyway, speaking of all things pleasant and accounted for: If you haven't heard yet, then you'd better consider finding a less restrictive rock under which to eek out an existence:

Axxon have released their long awaited EP/maxi single, Bite Your Tongue. Clocking in at over 40 minutes, though, it's hardly an insignificant offering. To download the entire 8 songs AND artwork FOR FREE click here. Bonus material includes a complete mindfuck and, according to industry commentators, some Aural Sex and a handful or Eargasms.

Once you have been completely overcome by the sheer brilliance of the EP, you may consider checking this lovable band of lunatics out at a live performance. Well, I say lovable. What I actually mean is: kinda prickly, fucking obnoxious, but supremely energetic and superbly entertaining, not to mention the much needed kick in the fucking pants local underground music has so long been screaming for... you be the judge. They're set to tear anyone who'll listen a new one at this year's Metal4Africa Winterfest happening on Saturday. I hear all sorts of rumours about fornication in the front row as well...

Which is why I've been so occupied all week. I've been locked away in rehearsals.

Which brings me to my apology. I'm sorry. I have been neglecting you, my faithful readers this week. You don't even know what I got up to this weekend past. I watched Manchester United play in real life. It was awesome - a lifelong dream realised. I'm glad it's back to boring old television from now on, what with all the clarity, replays, different angles and close ups. I know it's a sacrifice compared to squinting from a nose-bleed inducing altitude in the stands, but I don't suppose I have a choice. Many thanks to Mark "See Through Underpants", Brad the Dad, Tarty Farty, TDB, Me-Swifty, Rose Thorn, Commander Conker, Sheik Yerbouti, the Vi-King, everyone else who joined us, and most of all The Hot Girlfriend for a wonderful day! Go Ajax CT!

NGDG: This is a frog-on-a-lilypad kinda day.

Spread The Love. Swoggle.

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