Monday, July 9, 2012


Mondays. The Bangles sang about them. The Boomtown Rats sang about them. They hold a special significance in our subconscious - probably mainly because nothing provides us with more of a sense of camaraderie than collective suffering. And getting out of bed this morning was difficult...

But let's have some perspective here. Too often we malign Monday for the beastly prospect of a week's worth of work associated with it. I found it way more difficult to leave the warm inviting clutched of my bed on Saturday morning. Mainly because the Hot Girlfriend was happily snoozing alongside me. I found it hard to do anything when I woke up yesterday. I was in for'n parts and had a head full of tequila. Temporarily disorientated the first thing I saw upon prising open crusted eyes was Justin Bieber staring down at me with that expression of "I wonder why all the other girls have pubes already - it's just not fair, but I have lots of money, so that's alright plus I'm as dumb as rocks". Scary stuff. There were also the assembled cast of Toilet and various other nefarious creatures threatening me from the walls...

So this morning - at 5am - was a doddle by comparison. Besides, it was adventure time. Tarty Farty Tequila Party and I went for a pre-breakfast constitutional. In my car. Fun times!

Which brings me to the nap I intend having the minute I get home, since my internal clock is now out of whack. On a day like today, lemme tell you, this is going to be the nap to end all naps. Then a spot of light housework to get the blood flowing again before I sit down and make my guitar (and myself) gently weep. You see, I am going to take this rare practice-free opportunity to work on some top secret new material, a challenge that may leave me in frustrated tears. And I only have expensive wine left, so there are aggravating circumstances...

At least I won't have to cook, since I have tons of left overs after last night's winter comfort food epic. There is enough stew to feed the 5000. Perhaps I'll listen to some Crass.

Anyway, I am in a particularly splendid mood today, for those of you that care. Things are looking up and I'm feeling very positive about it all. Not that that isn't usually the case. It's just that today is kind of especially upbeat for me. Well, it is now... Clap hands.

On today's birthday wishing wall we have the ever-beautiful Lisel. Hope you have a wonderful day!
And an extra special shout out to Evie! We love you. We all miss you! And we hope that Bear is making an extra special fuss over you today!
Happy birthday the both of you!

NGDG: "I think I've sprained my finger. What was I doing? Wrestling manta rays? Cage fighting? No. Cutting a piece of cake."

Spread The Love. You Lift Me Above Myself.

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