Thursday, July 12, 2012


A sentence, coming from me, that should strike horror and an overwhelming flight response in anyone who has ever had the misfortune of hearing my attempts at singing. Also a reference to me being the opinionated bastard I happen to be. And agreeing when people lament the myriad woes of our time.

Lennox. Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL (Bull Shit Laws) for short, allow for the destruction (murder) of specific types of animals, particularly domestic canines, because of their apparent resemblance to a group or breed deemed potentially dangerous to humans or in human interaction. Ironic then that the words "human" and "humane" are so similar when nothing could be further from the truth. Don't get me wrong. I am, in fact, not the bleeding heart that these sentiments would have you believe.
Or at least I cannot claim elevated levels of empathy without outing myself as a staunch meat eater. Some would proclaim that tantamount to condoning animal murder, but for the sake of this missive let's assume I don't braai someone's household pets.
Let's look at BSL quickly. Let's make a quick comparison. Imagine that law was applied to humans. Hitler tried it. He was quickly ostracized by a rightly outraged world - then, and still today, the warmongering fucking racist piece of shit. The list goes on. But draw your own conclusions. Humanity today is, despite the very thin veneer of civility, even more brutally and savagely barbaric than ever, slaves to their own avarice and self serving idiocy. If, according to Gandhi, the greatness of a nation is measured by the way its animals are treated, then take a fucking bow Ireland! And every other nation! Hold your heads up high and your hands out pleading for the next fucking bail out package...

Also, I have a little theory on the behaviour and handling of big dogs. Sure, they're not everyone's cup of tea and it's quite understandable that some may find them scary, but consider this. It is widely accepted that behaviour is instilled by conditioning by owners and is not the predisposition of a specific breed. And if you're ever attacked, bear in mind that the dog more than likely weighs less than you (if you're a grown adult), has only one very limited weapon (its mouth) and lacks opposable thumbs or the ability to reason/strategise. If you remain calm, you're more than likely NOT going to be ripped to shreds.

Save the pitbulls and euthanise the men and women who force them to fight...
For the full story, click here.

And don't even get me started on the spelling. The spelling today is the meter by which we can plot not only the atrophy of our worldwide education systems, but the general mindlessness of our youth and our descent back into the Dark Ages. Ah, the youth... The happy-go-lucky scamps lighting up our lives, nary a fret in the world. The leaders of tomorrow. The very generation that are going to be policy makers when we're shuffling around some institution hoping that they serve custard with the Rum 'n' Raisin pudding because it makes it easier to chew. What then? Will we have come full circle and be communicating via a series of grunts and vague gestures (with emoticons, obviously...)?
Looks to me as if that has already started. Yes, I know the entire interweblands is full of whingers like me lamenting the death of language, but, like the lobbyists that must go on fighting against the injustices perpetrated daily by governments the world over and particularly by the Belfast City Council, I feel entirely justified in moaning about a lack of grammatically correct conviction. Hemingway would pirouette in his grave.

Do yourselves all a huge favour and go and find a copy of "Vick-Tory to the Underdog", a moving documentary on the plight of the American Pitbull. Here's a preview.

And speaking of ol' Mahatma, here are another 2 nuggets of truth, one describing the situation regarding the execution of Lennox, and one that will hopefully speak to the rabid masses that call for the heads of those involved:

"An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so."
"An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind."

Here's another astute observer of the human condition that is oft quoted, for good reason.
NGDG: "Some people have rad celebrity stories. Not me. Although, I was there at the most embarrassing point of Hlomla Dlamini's career (and mine if you count the spandex on national TV), I flicked sashimi on Edith Venter, frightened Barry [Wronger] with a metal tshirt, held William Kentridge's daughter's hair back from her own puke, and was bullied by a TV presenter at school, who's blocked me on FB it seems."

Spread The Love. It'll Save You. [Gira]

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