Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Ah.... today is the day. Everyone is overwhelmed by a media inspired inclination to do something nice for someone else. How noble. What about the other 525893 minutes in a year? Why are you all such dickheads to your fellow human beings then? Not to mention the damnable grammar abuse.

Actually that is probably unfair. I know a lot of very good, giving, generous, kind and wonderful people. Prostitutes have rights too, damnit! Ok seriously, there are those people that do good - regularly, selflessly and without any expectation of reciprocal gestures. To those people - much respect. It is of course the politicians and the entitled earwigs I am aiming at today.
Did you see the choruses of brightly coloured birthday wishes streaming in for our beloved Madiba this morning? Especially by the very people that have perfected shitting on his vision for our fair land?
Being on the telly paying lip service to a man who's done more for his fellow man than anything you could ever manage is hypocritical to say the least.  For the rest of the year you concentrate on retarding service delivery, obstructing basic education, health care and housing, blame shifting, chronic corruption, gross incompetence, testing the snooze rating of your office couch, and a little thing I like to call "lying through your fucking teeth". There is a 94 year old man sitting at home right now wondering where it all went wrong. My biggest regret is that you will never read these words or be moved to any form of honest introspection. Sanctimonious fuckers.

But while politicians and the like are, well, being politicians, obviously it is a good thing to get involved and go do something for those less fortunate. Here at work we're making food to be delivered to a local night shelter, I suppose every little bit helps. Although the point of today should be to make people aware (again) of the plight of their struggling countrymen, something that should inspire more rigorous efforts at poverty alleviation and nation building. As if...

Look at me on my self righteous little soap box. As guilty as anyone else of being self absorbed and neglecting the masses. I'm no Mother Theresa. But then I've never claimed to be. The remarks above are simply an observation. Sad as they are...

Advertising has convinced us that we're the centre of our little universes. Twitter and Facebook has given everyone a voice and blogging has allowed everyone a platform from which to spew forth an opinion. Perhaps the entire world needs an overhaul. I am but a sheep. I was kinda hoping I was only wearing the clothing.

We live in a world where the closest thing to Utopia is a security complex in Table View, money has no tangible value, every person on the planet looks on in horrified disgust as the USA forcibly secures worldwide fossil fuel monopoly but does nothing to stop them, animals and grammar are abused and tortured daily, babies are born in toilets in Baragwaneth Hospital and convicted criminals are pardoned by our president so they can go out and recommit violent crime. Yet everyone watches Idols and knows who that chick from Jersey Shore is...

Charity starts at home. We can't expect our policy makers to change unless we take a slightly more active interest in being of some actual use to our society. Start small. But for fuck's sake, 67 minutes isn't enough.

And to the second most important brown man in the country, Happy Birthday to you too, Biggie!

NGDG: "I don't see the point of  having dishwashers in the work kitchen when the maid unloading it is picking her nose with gusto."

Spread The Love. More Often.

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