Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So here we are on this Tuesday. The sun has made a commendable effort to brighten up our lives and my hangover has all but completely dissipated. I have a very busy week to look forward to, what with it being Metal4Africa's bi-annual celebration of all the cool things your parents and Sunday school teachers taught you was bad for you when you were young. Yes, folks! It's time to get your Beelzebub on! It's time for Winterfest '12. Featuring a stellar line up of bands guaranteed to rock your socks off, this humble pilgrim is going to indulge in all the naughty delights that are sure to pave a gilded path directly into hell. Or not. Personally I happen to think of overindulging in debauchery to be quite a heavenly endeavour. Party buses for the road-safety-conscious. Metal bands for the music-conscious. And booze specials for the completely unconscious! There'll even be a visual feast for everyone as the gorgeous Black Orchid Beasties are set to mesmerise your eyes with a darkly depraved burlesque act second to none!

And a Flapper...

So come one! Come all! That is, if you want to see yours truly strutting around in his uber-toight shiny pant of rock-stardom courtesy of Wolf Clothing. I may even play a tune or 2. If you ask pretty please. Apparently there is going to be some form or fornication in front of Axxon's stage... I heard a rumour...

It's a good thing the weather is playing along today - I have to go and run after work - a last ditch attempt at firming up the winter excess so that I might actually fit into them trousers... The Thrash Of Naked Limbs indeed. I trust at least one or two of you got that.

Anyway, as you will have noticed from the earlier post today, a serious milestone has been reached. 314 posts and still going strong. If by "strong" I mean running out of ideas and regurgitating the same ol' crap over and over again.
But a heartfelt thank you to all of you for spreading the love and deluding me into believing that somewhere someone gives enough of a crap and therefore a reason for me to continue besmirching the hallowed pages of the intrawebs. Thank you!

And a special thank you to Mr Neal Goldwyer, without whom your daily dose of drivel would have been infinitely less entertaining.

NGDG: "Just when you begin to despair of Lady Justice, a sacrifice is rendered unto her in the form of the drunk-ass cracker neighbour who was dragged off to the clink yesterday (hopefully by her lank scrunchy-tied minging hair!)

Spread The Love. Don't Ask Me Who Or What A Flapper Is.

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